Sulyen Richard Caradon


Studied at the Guildhall School of Music, London, with Peter Wishart; then at Birmingham School of Music with Michael Bowles.

Subsequently attended composition groups in Summer Schools at Dartington under Hans Keller, & at Canford under Malcolm Singer.

Played in Cornelius Cardew’s Scratch Orchestra in London.

Co-ordinated COMA South West from 1993-98.

Founded Severnside Composers’ Alliance 2003, & chairman until 2009

Composing mainly for woodwind & voices.


Op. 1: Danish Rhapsody (piano)                                1955

Op. 2: Romance (piano)

Op. 3: Kyrie (choral)

Op. 4: Baroque Suite (piano)

Op. 5: Heaven Haven (song - G.M.Hopkins)

Op. 6: Death by Water (song - T.S.Eliot)

Op. 7: The Waggoner (song - E.Blunden)

Op. 8: The Prince of Love (song - W.Blake)

Op. 9: Lost Love (song - J.Clare)

Op.10: Song’s Eternity      “

Op.11: Trio (Blockflutes)

Op.12: Folk Dance Variations (Blockflute quartet)

Op.13: Duo (2 clarinets)

Op.14: Triptych (2 clarinets)

Op.15: Serenade (woodwind septet)

Op.16: Shepherd’s Carol (choral)

Op.17: Heigh Ho the Holly (choral)

Op.18: That Golden Time (song - W.H.Davies)

Op.19: Progress (song - Carder)

Op.20: Persephone & Pluto (clarinet quartet)

Op.21: Clouds (song - R.Brooke)                               1988

Op.22: Muggletonian Chant (choral)

Op.23: Daydream & Nightmare (woodwind sextet)

Op.24: The Dancer (song - J.Campbell)

Op.25: O Lovely England (choral - W. De la Mare)

Op.26: Swingendo (Woodwind quintet)

Op.27: Nowhere (song - A.Hodge)

Op.28: The Roman Battle (Wind Band)

Op29: The Faery Fiddler (song - N.Chesson)

Op.30: Peace Prayer (choral)

Op.31: Gibraltar (choral)

Op.32: Dawn (carol - De la Mare)

Op.33: Lelant ** (song - E.Chambers)

Op.34: To Music (song - G.M.Hopkins)

Op.35: Dorian Dirge (piano)

Op.36: Half-Life (3-6 instruments)

Op.37: Wassail Rhapsody (Baritone, chorus & wind band)*

Op.38: Margaret’s Song ** (song - L.Abercrombie)

Op.39: Winterfall (song - A.E.Housman)

Op.40: November Blue ** (song - )

Op.41: Silver (song - W.De la Mare)

Op.42: Pine Forest **(song - W.Cope)

Op.43: Night Music (2 clarinets & string trio)

Op.44: The Sacred Groves (song - Carder)

Op.45: Framilode Pool (Flt; Bs Clt; vln; Vc; Piano)

Op.46: Elegy for Yugoslavia (clarinet choir)

Op.47: Wassail the Trees (choral - Herrick)

Op.48: Lowland Airs ** (set of 3 songs)

Op.49: King Bladud & the Goddess ***(mezzo, bari, choir & band)

Op.50  The Inheritor ** (song - Gerda

Op.51: Two pagan Carols [1). Mayflower, 2). Maypole)

Op.52: Radium 228, COMA 4-part & soloist

Op.53: Elsewhere (Set of 3 songs: Hodge, Graves & Cameron)

  1. *recorded on Dunelm CD - DRD198

  2. **      “        “  Mynstrallsy “   EPS 101

  3. ***     “        “           “         “   ZEF 101







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